At Green Pumpkin Japanese Café & Bakery, all our breads are baked fresh daily and contain absolutely no preservatives and zero additives.

The “mochi mochi” soft springy texture of our breads is achieved through a long fermentation period. The dough is prepared the day before and left to sit undisturbed overnight to develop its full flavours.

Green Pumpkin uses quality flour imported from Japan and recipes developed by our Japanese bakers for the best taste.

Try our signature Green Pumpkin bun filled with homemade pureed pumpkin, or pick up a delicious Anpan (red bean bun) that comes in original, matcha, black sesame, sakura and yuzu flavours.

Our Japanese Master Patissier has also created an irresistible selection of dainty cakes such as Yuzu Cream Cheesecake and Pumpkin Mont Blanc that will satisfy all your sweet cravings.

No preservatives and no additives are used in our bakery products.

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